How to buy TSD of BSC chain

True Seigniorage Dollar
2 min readJan 17, 2021

To proceed with this article, the metamask wallet must be set BSC. If you are not ready, click here to set up.

Suppose you have a bnb for purchasing tsd.To send bnb as ‘bsc metamask’ you can refer to the link here.

Now that you’re ready, click here to go to panakeswap.

Enter enough quantity to purchase, then click swap.

Click Confirm and accept the transaction

Now click here to access the BSC homepage and log in with the bsc account.

Before logging in, be sure to click on the Metamask at the top of your Internet browser to select the BSC chain. You can check your BSC assets only when BSC chain is selected and the BSC homepage works normally.

You can check the TSD you purchased at the top right of the homepage.

Now you can choose whether to dao or lp. That’s it.