Guid:Buy bnb and send it to BSC wallet

True Seigniorage Dollar
2 min readJan 16, 2021


We know how to set the BSC with metakask. If you haven’t prepared yet,

you can set it up here.

If you are the first, I recommend you to test it in small quantities.

First, after purchasing Bnb from Binance, we enter the Bnb withdrawal.

And click BSC in your Metamask wallet.

Please copy your BSC address. Click on the square box to copy it.

Paste the copied metamask’s address into the bnb address. Also, make sure that the address of Metamask and the address of bnb are the same.

And you must click on the BSC chain. If you click on another chain, the funds may be lost.Please make sure to check.

Enter the quantity and press Submit.

After sending the email authentication, enter the code, enter opp, and press submit.

The withdrawal completion screen comes out like this

If you wait a moment, you can check that Bnb is in. That’s it for now.



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